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Civil Aviation Day
The Civil Aviation Day is celebrated on November 5th in honor and remembrance of the birth of Don Martin de Anchorena Aaron Felix, which took place in Buenos Aires on November 5, 1877. Don Felix Aaron Martin was the son of Nicholas Anchorena Anchorena Hugo Arana (1828-1884) and Maria Mercedes Castellanos of the Church was the eighth child of eleven who had the marriage. He was born on Buenos Aires, on November 5,1877.

New Layout Folio
As far as we are told, this provision is not in the website of the ANAC. That is why it is advisable to avoid disappointment reading time to record the flight activity.

Contact Information
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Ruta Nac 9 - km 450

Phone: (03472) 456-7890
Fax: (03472) 456-7890


Welcome to our website here you will find historical accounts of our Flying Club, as well as information from flight courses we teach, ratings, first flights also can visit our photo gallery, meet the members of the executive committee of the flying club, find out the features our facilities and learn of the news .. ..




Exterior Aeroclub Headquarters Marcos Juárez


Pilots room equipped with the latest technology and comfort for our students to feel at home ...

Our Aircraft

We have a variety of aircraft to meet all the needs ...

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An idea has no value, make a plane has one, a flight is what counts for everything.
(Otto Lilienthal, industrial engineer and aviation pioneer)

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